Alkires' in the Civil War, from Ohio

From N.A.R.A. Microfiche copy #552, Roll #1; "A-Alk"


Name   Rank at beginning / end        Company Regiment 
Alexander Pvt / Pvt E 1st OVC
Edward P. Pvt / Pvt A 118th OVI
Isaac Pvt / Pvt H 36th OVI
Jacob Corp / Corp H 36th OVI
John  Pvt / Pvt B 95th OVI
John  (*1) Corp / Pvt B 114th OVI
John W. Pvt / Pvt G 113th OVI
Joseph Pvt / Pvt I 3rd OVC
Mahlon Pvt / Pvt B 144th OVI
Michael J. 1st Lt. / Captain E 1st OVC
Samuel M. Pvt / Pvt B 13th OVI
Samuel M. 2nd Lt. / 2nd Lt. G/K 176th OVI
Thomas Pvt / Pvt H 12th OVC
John (Alkor) Pvt / Pvt   34th OVI
 OVC = Ohio Volunteer cavalry
 OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry
 (*1) There is a headstone in the Pleasant Cemetery in Mt. Sterling, Ohio that shows: "John A. Alkire, Co. "D", 114th".