Alkire Obituaries

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Lee Alkire

" Lee Alkire was not a comprimiser--she was an idealist. Among other things, she was a musician and a teacher, and she combined these attributes to enhance the lives of thousands of students. She had such a vision for what a musical selection could do for each student, and to compromise the execution of that vision was unthinkable.

Lee was not a singer herself. She had misused her voice too much to produce the lovely sounds she knew her students could produce. But she could hear inside her head what she wanted her choirs to sound like, and she was able to communicate her vision to her students. As we heard at her memorial service, those students understood that vision, and made it a lovely reality. How much richer those students lives are for having known Lee Alkire!"

Durwood Alkire

From University of Washington, Wash. Fall of 1996

"The Accounting Department suffered a great loss last July 7, 1996 when Durwood Alkire passed away. Durwood was with the accounting firm of Touche Ross Bailey and Smart [now Deloitte and Touche] from 1947 to 1977. He retired as a partner in that firm to join the accounting faculty at the University of Washington fulltime. Although he did not have a Ph.D, Durwood became a full professor in 1981. This was highly unusual and, in the words of Department co-chair Gary Sundem, "quite an honor to receive."

At the University of Washington, Durwood was a popular and respected professor. He shared his passion for accounting with over 250 students a year. In addition, he reached thousands of professionals through the books and articles he published while at the UW. In addition to his professional career with Touche and the UW, Durwood devoted his time and energy to numerous community organizations. He was a life board member of the greater Seattle YMCA, a member and past president of the Seattle Rotary club, a life member and past president of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants. He was also active in other groups including the Boy Scouts and the King County Red Cross.

His three children, Jack, Edward and Virginia, recently approached the UW with the idea of establishing a professorship to honor Durwood Alkire for his lifetime of service and achievement. The three children have generously pledged $150,000.oo to the professorship. A total of $250,000.oo will be needed to actually establish the professorship."

Carl Alkire

Retired University barber passes away
Janet Vanderbilt News Staff  5/8/1998

World War II veteran and retired University barber, Carl Alkire, passed away last Thursday night, April 30, at the age of 90 in his retirement home located in Merriville, Indiana. Alkire worked as a University barber for nearly 34 years before retiring in 1972. Alkire, a native Illinoisian, came to the University after serving in France during World War II. According to Silvester Vigilante, who has been a University barber for the last 34 years, Alkire was a "nice man to work with." After retiring, Alkire and his family moved to Michigan.

It was five years ago that Alkire suffered from a stroke that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Vigilante last met with Alkire last January. According to Vigilante, Alkire always made it a point to come back to the University to visit the barber shop even after he and his wife Mary retired. Alkire's wife also worked at the University Bookstore for ten years and retired at the same time as her husband.

"We used to keep in touch all the time," said Vigilante. When Alkire and his wife would travel to Brownsville, Texas they would stop and visit friends in Chicago, taking the time to also visit the University Barber Shop. Alkire is survived by his wife Mary, his daughter Ellen, and four grandchildren.

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