Short history of Michael & Dorothy Phebus Alkire's Children
(contributed by Grace Ellen Parker)


John Michael, born in Mercer Cty., Ky. Married Catherine Halstead. Had nine identified children. John was buried in an old country cemetery, but later, he & a daughter were moved to Forrest Cemetery, in C'ville, Ohio. According to his son's obituary, he was the 8th child of 13 children. I have found names for 9. There are 4 stones in the Watson Cemetery reading R.E, M.E.P., C.W.H., & E.S. John Michael was a successful farmer. I think he may still have family around Circleville.
Nimrod R. was born in 1796 in Harrodsburg, Ky. & married Anna Baggs in Pickaway Cty., Ohio.
When Anna died in 1862, they were in Green Cty., Ind. They were the parents of 7 known children.
Bible transcript, all three sons were in the Civil War.

William Nimrod, Co. "K", 69th Ind. Regt. John Michael died of a "Bronchial Attack", never having fully recovered his health, soon after the war.

Sarah was born in Harrodsburg, Ky. & married William Hurst in Pickaway Cty., Ohio. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. Sarah & William were the parents of 11 known children. After Williams death in 1844, Sarah died in Macy, Ind.

Nancy A. was the first child to be born in Ohio to Michael & Dolly. She married Capt. Elliot Halstead, & they became the parents of 7 known children. Nancy is buried in the Michael Alkire Cemetery in Deer Creek, Ohio. Capt. Halstead re-married the following year to Nancy's sister, Catherine (Alkire) Cade. Nancy's oldest son became a doctor.

William M. was born in Ohio. He married Mary Alkire, a cousin, possibly by Adam, Michael's brother. (There is some controversy about -who's-  child Mary actually was. She -might- have been born to Barbara Sue (Cherry) before Adam married her mother, then took the name after their marriage. But, her only son's death certificate lists' his "mothers' maiden name" as "Mary Halstead". Another child's d.cert lists her as "Mary Alkire" for maiden name. One of our better puzzlers, & of course, the line I come through.<BG> Ian) They had 6 children, 2 of whom died young. Mary died in 1851, & is buried in Michael's home cemetery. The 2 children that died young are also buried at Michael's home cemetery. In the 1850 census, William was shown as a farmer; in the 1860 census, he was shown as a whiskey seller; in the 1870 census, he & his 2nd wife Ann B. (Akely) had moved to Darby Twp.; Ann died in 1876, & in 1880, William was living with his dau. Rebecca & her husband, John Ike. William died in his father's house in 1881, while under the care of his brother "Frank". (Benjamin Franklin Alkire) (There is also the likelihood he might be the last burial in Michaels' cemetery, as there has been no trace of any burial for him in the surrounding area. But, it would be appropriate.)

Catherine "Caty" married Phineas Cade. They were the parents of 8 known children. Their son Charles was incarcerated in the infamous Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. He took a bullet in the arm while trying to escape, & the arm had to be amputated because of the wound. (C.E.P. NOTE: "Great story; but it won't fly. He wasn't the one".) Catherine married her sister Nancy's widower, (Capt. Elliot Halstead) after Phineas's death. Catherine was found living in Kansas in the 1880 census.

Rhuanna "Anne" married Alabartus Schriver Halstead in Williamsport, Ohio in 1832. They were the parents of 11 known children. This family has been found in Greene Co., Ind. (Her son-in-law, John Rollison, was the last surviving veteran of the Civil War in Greene Co., Ind.)

James Madison & Alexander both died on the same day in 1823 of spotted fever. They were 8 & 10. Both are buried in Michael's home cemetery in Deer Creek, Ohio.

Benjamin Franklin married Hannah Halstead. One dau. was born to them. He married a 2nd time to Mary Darr. They had 3 known children. Frank's family stayed in Pickaway, Madison, & Fayette Cty., Ohio. Mary was originally buried in Michael's farm cemetery, but when Frank died, they were both buried in Springlawn Cemetery, Williamsport, Ohio. Frank's family owned the Michael Alkire land when I was a kid. His daughter May married William Bazore, the proprietor of one of the best equipped mills in Deer Creek Twp.
This has now been turned into an Inn.