"On the Alkire Trace"

By Joann Alkire Roland

Joann has been teaching history in schools for some time now, & shows a true love for history in her first book featured here. This is the story of early 1700s' Alkire history, set against the American frontier backdrop, & shows the type & quality of life they led.

I have to say, this is one of the best books on the subject I have seen, written in both a scholarly, yet cheerfully "family" way.

Containing not only maps, drawings, and original documents, Joann leads us through the 1700-1750 dates with the localized area history, against the larger events that shaped the smaller areas lifestyle. The Virginia Militia, Lord Dunmore's War, the Claypool Rebellion, French military tactics, as well as the British response are all examined. Also given a good amount of coverage are the day to day things that made up their lives, as well as the "special events". Also included is a very interesting section on the Cane Ridge Revival by Barton Stone, which drew John & George Alkire to become Christian ministers. Finally, a chapter on the problems of getting, then keeping land in Kentucky.

Joann has been able to include many valuable documents in this book, some of which will show the relation between our family, to the others they married into, based on property locations. Some of the other documents serve to establish relations between "family tradition", and the reality of what was recorded officially.

I can't say enough good things about this book, other than I wish it was longer.<g>

Joann has managed to fit an incredible amount of information for us on 53 pages, and I read it through, then went back again to re-read it. And I am a bit of a fussy reader. There are so many items that will catch your attention in it........

Anyway, Joann has had it published, & is willing to sell a copy to anyone who would like one. Her price for one is $15.oo, this covers the book, as well as shipping & handling to the US48. She can be reached at: Joann Roland

Give her a shout, & she will be glad to send you a copy. We're also working on getting her to write one for the late 1700's - early 1800's next, which should be even more fact-filled. Let her know your thoughts.

Here are a few "testimonials" from people whom have had a chance to read & review the book.......

From Pam Zeirott:

"Ian has his review posted at the www.alkire.org site and I thoroughly agree with his findings, this was the first time I was able to put into perspective the locations with the dates."

From Janice Gonzalez:

" I thoroughly agree with Pam and Ian about this book. It is very well written and I also have gone over parts of it more than once. It helps to understand better why the families moved as they did. Even my son-in-law picked it up, read a couple pages and asked to read it (and he sometimes pokes fun at my fascination with genealogy). It is well worth the price and she is to be congratulated."

From Erma Jean Loveland:

"Your review of Joann's book was very good. I got mine last week and could hardly put it down to do housework.<G> But I have read it completely through with joy at the way the history teacher handled it. I have written her expressing that thought as well."