Alkire Genealogy

Ohio Lineage (Harmonas)

West Virginia lineage (John w/ Nicolas)

(This now has Nicolas tied in via the Bonnett
family ties.)
West Virginia lineage (Michael w/ Peter)

More info

"nwb" = Near What Became...

"TL" = "Tentatively Linked" If anyone has documentation of something so listed and they would be willing to share it with us, we'll be more than happy to list it.

Ohio Alkires Carls' Corner (Carl E. Porters' spot) American Alkires SSDI
West Virginia Alkires Michael Alkire & Dolly Phebus's Alkires in Business
Indiana Alkires Written Histories & Sketches Obituaries for notable "late" Alkires
Illinois's Alkires Folks we are not Alkire Census data
Ohio Civil War roster Pickaway Cty., Ohio Land Records  Various links of value
Civil War roster (Union) Joann Alkire Rolands' "Alkire Trace" Meigs Cty., Ohio links
Illinois Marriages Madison County, Ohio Marriages Franklin Cty. Marriages 
William Alkire Will 1818 Ross County, Ohio Marriages  Franklin Cty., Ohio Marriages 1803-1928 
Hampshire County, Va. list of Loyalist who supplied the Amer. Rev. Army. Bourbon Cty., Ky. Marriages  Franklin Cty., Ohio Deaths 1871-1903 
  Harmonas notes?

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