Folk's we're not

When I first started looking on the Web for family data, I started noticing that there were other families out there who had the same "sound-alike" names, but were often in spots other than where we found our folks. I started doing Soundex checking, & found a few other researchers out there who had A426 surnames, but from obviously different family groups. The following is a short version of some of the letters.


1/12/1997 re: Family name "Algire"

"Looks like they immigrated from Germany in the early 1700's. The emigrant ancestor(s) were naturalized around the mid-1700's (Baltimore Cty., MD). In the late 1700's, they moved to Bedford Cty., Pa. In the 1820's & 1830's, various children and then parents migrated into Ohio."

"John Algire d. bef. June 1845 (probably 80+ yoa), b. probably Baltimore Cty., MD.

Children: (order not known yet)

Mary Algire, b. 12/23/1793, MD. d. 6/4/1849 Fulton Cty., Ohio; m.4/13/1813 Bedford, PA to John Wright

Rachel Algire, b. bef. 1800, m1: Mr. Cristee, m2: Mr. Hager

Catherine Algire, b. bef 1800, m. Jacob Rine

Susannah Algire, m1: Mr. Fogle, m2: Mr. Norris

Jacob Algire, b. 7/15/1799, Bedford Cty., PA. m.5/10/1827 Richland Cty., Oh. to Mary McFerren; d. 7/7/1874

John Algire, b. abt 1803, Pa. m. Rebecca

Sylvania Algire, b. 7/16/1804; m. 7/28/1825, Oh to Jehu Wright, (bro. to John Wright); d. 3/27/1892, Ohio

George H. Algire, b. abt 1809; m. 9/5/1833, Knox Cty., Ohio to Rebecca Mowrey

Children of Jacob & Mary (McFerren) Algire

John F. Algire, b. 11/25/1823, Bedford Cty., Pa. (yes, before his parents were married). m1: Nancy Thuma 9/21/1845, Richland Cty., Oh.; m2: Mary Jane Eyster, about 1855; d. 3/5/1906, Lexington, Richland Cty., Oh.

Catherine Algire, b. 8/25/1825, Bedford Cty., Pa.; m. David Thuma 8/25/1845, Richland Cty., Pa. d. bef. 1906

Barbara Algire, b. 3/17/1828, Richland Cty., Oh; m. Emanuel Waltman 9/17/1846, Richland Cty., Oh., d. bef 1900

William Algire, b. 1/30/1831, Richland Cty., Oh.; m. Crista Anna Bowers, 9/1/1853, Richland Cty., Oh.; d. 1916 Richland Cty., Ohio

Mary Algire, b. 11/6/1833, Richland Cty, Oh., m. (Anthony?) Hershiser; d.aft. 3/1906

Samuel Algire, b. 9/7/1836 Richland Cty., Oh.; m. 12/23/1869 Sarah Ellen Richey, Richland Cty., Oh.; d. aft. 3/1906

Almira Algire, b. 4/27/1839, Richland Cty., Oh.; m. Thomas Black 7/5/1868, Richland Cty., Oh.; d. aft 3/1906

Henry Franklin Algire, b. 3/20/1842, Richland Cty., Oh.; d. 1/4/1863, Clarksville, Tn.(Civil War)

Jacob Algire Jr., b. 3/25/1848, Richland Cty., Oh.; m. 5/25/1878 Clara Reese Growden, Richland Cty., Oh.; d. bef. 1906

Children of John F. & Nancy (Thuma) Algire

Sarah A., b. abt. 1847; m. Mr. Zink; d. aft 1906

Mary C., b. abt. 1849; m. Mr. Moyer; d. aft 1916

Barbara (Minerva?), b. abt. 1854; m. Mr. Medsker(?); d. aft. 1906

Children of John F. & Mary Jane (Eyster) Algire

Samuel S.; b. abt. 1856, Richland Cty., Oh.; m. Martha bef. 1880; d. aft. 1906

Welden Eugene; b. abt. 1868, Richland Cty., Oh.;m. Catherine; d. aft 1906

Loie, m. Mr. Deffenbaugh(?)

Ellen, m. Mr. Howard and/or Mr. Goddard

Emma J., b.9/1863, Richland Cty., Oh.; m. David Fisher; d. aft. 1906

Eliza L., b. abt. 1860(?)

Eliramen (female), b. abt 1859(?)

John Cashes, b. 12/28/1865, In.; m. abt 1899, d. 3/12/1947, Los Angeles, Ca."

From Kurt Baudendistel (

"My Allgeyers lived in Ulm, Offenburg, Baden and Perry County, Missouri."

From Nancy & Ron Paul (

"The Aleshires were a German family. The immigrant couple was Conrad & Maria Catherina (GOESSEL) ELSCHEIDT. They settled in Shenandoah Cty., Va, ca.1750. The name became Aleshite, and later Aleshire. Conrad's family was a large one. One son moved into Mason Cty., WVa, a couple of them stayed in Shenandoah & Page Cty's.and others moved into Ohio and Illinois."

I'm sure there are more A426 Soundex names out there, this merely scratches the surface of this particular problem. But hopefully it will keep some of us from mistaking another family for ours, added with the peculiar "hookt-on-phonix" spelling that some early census takers seemed to have been blessed with.