Working Alkire's

Web based businesses that our relatives are running!

Claudia A. Alkire

Claudia has found a very unique niche market in manufacturing fiberglass battery storage boxes, for various heavy duty batteries. These can be used anywhere heavy duty equipment needs the batteries stored away from the elements. Trucking, stationary/portable gen-sets, RV's, etc. The boxes are built -very- tough, and look to be able to handle a -lot- of abuse. Give her a shout to see what applications she has. Mostly group 31, 4hd, & 8hd @ this time, but she says she's always looking for more applications.

Richard Alkire

Studio 99 & Seminole Music
2706 Hwy. 99 North
Seminole, Okla.

Richard has a combination music store, & recording studio here in Okla. He carries these lines of guitars: Dan Electro, G&L, Tacoma, Robin, Alvarez, Sigma, some used Fenders, etc. His effects line is: DOD, Zoom, & Dan Electro EFX processors. Amplifiers are: Ampeg, Crate, Tube Works, and Line 6 soon. He has expressed a willingness to "deal" w/ family members, so call him up & cut the best deal you can with him.<BG> As we all know, an Alkire with no musical talent is a terrible waste!!       ;*)

 Gail Alkire

Greene County, Indiana


"Alkire Educational Consulting" is Gails business endeavor, in which she matches up HS students needs for college, with the available nationwide resources of scholarships & grants. She works from a large database, & for a small fee, will be able to find your student the grants & scholarships they qualify for. There is a questionnaire that needs to be filled out, and Gail provides you with a personalized Student Profile on Eligibility. These are the scholarships & grants that do not need to be repaid, so prevent burdoning the young adult with a large educational debt that must be repaid at the most critical financial point of their life. They do still have deadlines, however, so should be registered for ASAP. Give her a call, or contact via email!!