Additional Ohio Information concerning Ohio Alkire's.

Listed in Pickaway Cty., Ohio Genealogical Society's Library: Dec. 11, 1958
Benjamin Franklin Alkire, Stoutsville, died Thursday in his home. Born July 2, 1885, Deer Creek Twp, son of Franklin & Laura Davis Alkire. Married 1912 to Florence McDill, who survives. Others who survive are: daughter, Dorothy, at home; two sons, Harold of the home, Wilbur, Stoutsville; A sister, Mrs. Tootle, Mt. Sterling; a brother, Eugene Davis, Williamsport. Funeral in Mader Funeral Home.
(Submitted by Jackie Bargdill)

Listed in P'way Cty. Birth records Vol. 2, Pg. 55
Bertha Alice Alkire, Born Deer Creek Twp., Pickaway Cty.
Sept. 28, 1883 Father: Alexander Alkire Mother: Emma Barrett Color: W

From 1913 Democrat & Watchman Newspaper, Sept. 4, 1913 "Alexander Alkire died Aug. 21, 1913 at his home in Washington C.H., aged 79 years. Deceased is survived by wife & four children; Charles C. Alkire, of Big Plains; George W. Alkire, of Columbus; Rev. Henry S. Alkire, a Methodist minister; and Abraham L. Alkire, of Delaware. He also leaves 3 sisters, one of whom is Mrs. Thomas Alkire, of Mt. Sterling.
Mr. Alkire served nearly five years in the Army and went through a number of the most important
engagements of the war.
The funeral services were held from his late home Saturday afternoon at two o'clock,
and interment was made in the Washington Cemetery."
Notes: The wife he was survived by was not Emma Barrett, but rather Tabitha (Fry) Alkire. Also, it does not show that the daughter born to him by Emma as being listed as "surviving children". What happened to her?Abraham Lincoln Alkire was a Justice of the Peace in 1910 in P'way Cty.
Alexander joined the 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Co. "E" on Sept. 5, 1861 as a private.
He continued through the war, re-enlisting after 3 years, and finally mustering out on Sept. 13, 1865.

Index of gravestones by D.A.R., P'away Cty., Ohio Alemet Alkire, wife of A.H. d. Mar. 28 1847 aged 24 yrs. Alkire-Tanner Cemetery
Gabriel b. 1818 - d. 1915
wife Mary b.1818 - d. 1894 Pleasant Cem., Darby Twp.
Isaac Alkire, s/of Wm. Alkire & Eliz. Moore b. Oct 12 1788, d. May 16 1877 wife Mary Graham d. Nov 14 1862 Pleasant Cemetery, Darby Twp
Marriage license book #1, P'Way Cty.
Michael Alkire & Lydia Alkire, July 3 1812; issued Michael Alkire & Polly Barton, Dec 18 1814; m. by David Henderson
Marriage license book #2, P'Way Cty.
John M. Alkire & Catherine Hallstead, Nov 5 1819; issued Adam Alkire & Barbara Cherry, Dec 6 1818, ?? Daniel V. Alkire & Polly Crose, Aug 30 1825, issued Adam Alkire & Elizabeth Leasonby, Nov 30 1827, issued
George W. Alkire & Jane Gilliland, Oct 8 1841, issued; Oct 15 1841 m. by A. Poulson, J.P. Adly Alkire & Aereal Edwards, Feb 20 1842 issued; Feb 29 1842 m. by Joseph Roof Jared Alkire & Irene Newport, June 13 1842, issued; June 14 1842 m. by John Perkins, E.C.C. Simon Alkire & Martha Davis, Aug 12 1842, issued; Aug 16 1842, m. by James Sheets, J.P. Benjamin F. Alkire & Hannah Halstead, Aug 11 1843, issued; Aug 17 1843, m. by E.S. Davis, J.P. Robert Alkire & Lizzie Ann Phillips, Dec 25 1848, m. by L.A. Burd, M.G. William N. Alkire & Elizabeth Allen, m. Aug 16 1853 by Henry Whorton John J. Alkire & Elizabeth Darr, m. Jan 16 1854 by T. W. Hand
From Democrat & Watchman Newspaper:
At Mt. Sterling, on Sept. 14, 1891, a dau. born to Scott Alkire, & Wife. On Sept. 23, 1891, Alexander Alkire & Tabitha Fry, m. by Rev. W. W. Rymer

Burials in the Hitler/Ludwig Cemetery, Ohio

Thomas Edger Alkire; 8/4/1917-6/25/1976 Section 2, #368 "SF1 USN WWII"

Fairy Riggin Alkire; 7/29/1891-3/21/1972

Section B, #062

Names of Inhabitants of Pickaway Cty., O. in 1827

John M. Alkire lived in Jackson Twp.

Isaac Alkire lived in Darby Twp.

Michael H., John H.,& Adam Alkire lived in Monroe Twp.

Nimrod, Daniel, Silas, Michael, & George Alkire lived in Deer Creek Twp.

Various Ohio Cty. Death Cert. Locations Pickaway Cty.:

Harry F. Alkire, d. 4/18/1937, Vol.#8457, cert.#29467

Jack O. Alkire, d.9/29/1926, Vol.#5209, cert.#71506

Susannah Alkire, d.7/5/1917, Vol.#2328, cert.#47956

Madison Cty:

William R. Alkire, d.4/28/1917, Vol.#2247, cert.#27539

Charles W. Alkire, d.4/27/1937, Vol.#8457, cert.#29579

John W. Alkire, d.3/30/1934, Vol.#7476, cert.#20811

Margaret A. Alkire, d.2/1/1936, Vol.#8061, cert.#11827

David G. Alkire, d.12/19/1921, Vol.#3751, cert.#69904

George W. Alkire, d.2/7/1922, Vol.#3807, cert.#10439

Harriet T. Alkire, d.12/6/1921, Vol.#3751, cert.#69907

Mary J. Alkire, d.11/10/1921, Vol.#3726, cert.#63670

Maud T.Alkire, d.4/3/1922, Vol.#3861, cert.#23820

Dorotha G. Alkire, d. 2/15/1914, Vol.#1305, cert.#12256

Ella M. Alkire, d.2/2/1915, Vol.#1576, cert.#10017

Gabriel Alkire, d.3/11/1915, Vol.#1603, cert.#16968

Scioto Cty:

Stillborn Alkire, d.8/14/1915, Vol.#1720, cert.#46073

John W. Alkire, d.11/6/1914, Vol.#1507, cert.#62791

Pickaway Cty. Marriage Records, 1810 - 1862 (Guys)

Abraham Alkire & Mary Jane Tanner, Oct. 18, 1855; by Solomon Lane,

J.P.Adam Alkire & Elizabeth Leazonby, Nov. 30, 1827

Adly P. Alkire & Aereal Edwards, Feb. 29, 1842; by J. Tenny, J.P.

Alexander Alkire & Elizabeth Simons, Nov.18,1855; by G.K.Phebus,M.G.

Benjamin F. Alkire & Mary M. Darr, May 29, 1858; by E. Estell, M.G.

Benjamin F. Alkire & Hannah Halstead, Aug. 17,1843; by E.S. Davis,JP

Daniel V. Alkire & Polly Crose, Aug. 30, 1825

George Alkire & Elizabeth Neff, July 7, 1831, by George Alkire

George W. Alkire & Jane Gilliland, Oct. 15, 1841; by A. Poulson,J.P.

Gideon Alkire & Elizabeth Hanson, Mar. 6, 1839; by William Hauley

Jacob Alkire & Polly Phebus, Mar. 28, 1812; by David Yates, J.P.

Jared Alkire & Irene Newport, Jun. 14, 1842; by John V. Perkins, ECC

John Alkire & Susannah Mantle, Aug. 28, 1817; by Rev. Forgis Graham

John J. Alkire & Elizabeth Darr, Jan. 16, 1854; by T. W. Hand

John W. Alkire & Susan Maddox, Sep. 24, 1857; by Solomon Law, J.P.

Michael Alkire & Lydia Alkire, Jul. 3, 1812

Michael Alkire & Polly Barton, Dec. 18,1814; by David Henderson,J.P.

Michael J. Alkire & Elizabeth Allen, Aug. 16, 1853; by Henry Whorton

Nimrod Alkire & Anne Boggs, Mar. 22, 1821

Robert Alkire & Lizzey Ann Phillips, Dec. 25,1848; by L.A.Burd, M.G.

Samuel Alkire & Polly Alkire, Dec. 22, 1813; by Rev. George Alkire

Simon Alkire & Martha Davis, Aug. 16, 1842; by James Sheets, J.P.

William Alkire & Catherine Neff, Dec. 24,1829; by John Troutner,J.P.

William M. Alkire & Ann B. Akely, Apr. 1, 1858; by F. Kinnear, J.P.

William N. Alkire & Elizabeth Rose, Sep. 15,1850; by W'm Acton, M.G. (Gals)

Albertis Halstead & Anne Alkire, Dec. 9, 1832; by James Burlridge

Thomas Leazonby & Betsy Alkire, July 11, 1811; by Joseph Hays, J.P.

John Hayes & Camelia Alkire, May 26, 1851; by James Rowland, M.G.

Phineas Cade & Catherine Alkire, Apr. 30, 1827; by George Alkire

Lewis Green & Elizabeth Alkire, Mar 13, 1842; by Enoch Harvey

Absolom Wilson & Elizabeth Alkire, Mar. 3, 1844; by G. Neff

William Hamilton & Elizabeth Alkire, Mar. 17, 1855; by Elza Rowlen

Joel Helmick & Judah Alkire, Jun. 20, 1838; by A. Poulson, J.P.

John Neff & Levina Alkire, Nov. 13, 1841; by J. Tenny, J.P.

Gospard A. Taylor & Louisa Alkire, Oct. 30, 1853; by T.W. Hand, M.G.

Aristeus Hulse & Lucinda Alkire, Oct. 7,1849; by Mitchell Trimmer,JP

John Graham & Lydia Alkire, May 14, 1812, by Rev. George Alkire

Nathaniel Cromwell & Lydia Alkire, Jul. 2, 1833; by James Burbridge

Samuel Gilliland & Malinda Alkire, Dec. 15,1831; by John Groutner,JP

Nimrod Hoffman & Margaret Alkire, Dec. 13,1839; by Joseph Young, JP.

Solomon Kelly & Margaret Alkire, Dec. 5,1848; by Mitchell Timmons,JP

Jeremiah Pritchet & Margaret Alkire, Oct. 8, 1830

Abner Ogden & Margaret Alkire, Jan. 8, 1822

Battel H.Moore & Martha J.Alkire, Sep. 20,1852; by Thomas W. Hand,MG

John Elmore & Mary Alkire, Sep. 5, 1846; by G. Neff, J.P.

George C. Morgan & Mary Alkire, Mar. 3, 1847; by E.S. Davis, J.P.

Elliot Halstead & Nancy Alkire, Apr. 8, 1821; by Rev. George Alkire

Edger B. Leach & Nancy J. Alkire, Feb. 18, 1854

Lyman E.Scovil & Rebecca Alkire, Mar. 31,1847; by Henry Wharton,M.G.

John Ike(Eycke) & Rebecca Alkire, Feb. 2, 1862

Solomon Lane & Rhenann Alkire, Aug. 21, 1841; by J. Tenny, J.P.

William Hurst & Sarah Alkire, Feb. 28, 1818

Thomas Clifton & Sarah Alkire, Jun. 10, 1841

John Hand & Sarah Alkire, Aug. 14, 1819

Wiley Crath & Susan Alkire, Feb. 22, 1855

William Brit & Susannah Alkire, Feb. 24,1831; by James Burlbridge,MG

1812 Taxpayers

All in Pickaway Cty., O.

George Alkire

Isaac Alkire

John Alkire

Michael Alkire

Robert Alkire

In the Porter Cemetery, located north of New Holland on Egypt Pike, Sect. 5

Samuel M. Alkire, Co. "B", 13th Ohio Infantry