Franklin County, Ohio Marriage Index

Elizabeth Alkire m. Samuel Powell on Jan. 15, 1810, (recorded), by John Smith, J.P. Marriage book 1, pg. 67.

Consent of her father, John Alkire, Witness - Joseph Powell. Signed 9/25/1809

Elizer Alkire m. Jacob White, Jan. 16, 1831, by Benjamin Lawrence, M.G. Marriage book 3, pg. 10

George W. Alkire m. Matilda Baltimore, June 8, 1839 by Jacob Fisher, J.P. Marriage book 3, pg. 217

George W. Alkire m. Rebecca Brant, Nov. 28, 1850, by John Gantz, J.P. Marriage book 5, pg. 272

James Alkire m. Sarah Goetchius, Jan. 12, 1845 by S. F. Conrey, M.G. Marriage book 4, pg. 5

Jesse Alkire m. Margaret Coartney, April 10, 1832, by James Rose, Preacher Marriage book 3, pg. 42

Joseph Alkire m. Almira Courtney, April 19, 1846, by James T. Donahoo, M.G. Marriage book 5, pg. 6

Margaret Alkire m. Isaac Dennis, Feb. 9, 1832, by Mathew Peters, M.G. Marriage book 3, pg. 33

Martha J. Alkire m. William Elmore, Oct. 9, 1851, by Daniel Evans, J.P. Marriage book 5, pg. 336 (She a non-resident)

Matilda Alkire m. William Henderson, July 9, 1848, by James Harrison, M.G. Marriage book 5, pg.115

Nancy Alkire m. William Gardiner, Jan. 11, 1848, by W.T. Martin, J.P. Marriage book 5, pg. 89

Nancy Alkire m. John R. Peat, March 7, 1854, by W.H. Marble, M.G. Marriage book 6, pg. 105

Richard C. Alkire m. Amanda Watts, June 30, 1861, by T.H. Phillips, M.G. Marriage book 7, pg. 601

Robert Alkire m. Elizabeth Inglis, (or Ike), June 29, 1809 by John Smith, J.P. of Pleasant Twp. Marriage book 1, pg. 61 (Page 4 - "Sir: I want you to grant Robert Alkire lisins for to marry, given under our hand and seal this 4th day of April, 1809, James & Hannah Douglas. Wit.--Thomas Denison)

Robert Alkire m. Margaret Hoffman, March 22, 1858, by William Fields, J.P. Marriage book 7, pg.85

Sarah Alkire m. William Nicholas, April 22, 1855, by Thomas H. Hall, M.G. Marriage book 6, pg. 203

Weeden H. Alkire m. Catherine Walrath, Oct. 23, 1858, no return Marriage book 7, pg.172

Joshua Allgire m. Lavina M. Eyer, Feb. 22, 1849, by W. W. Kile, M.G. Marriage book 5, pg. 152 Note: T.C. Hendron, gaurdian of Joshua Alkire, gives consent for Joshua to marry Lavina M. Eyer, Feb. 17, 1849